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Natives With Aloha


Clothing for those with a Warrior Spirit.

The Warrior stands before his challenge. In his chest his heart beats... thump,thump, thump. Behind him an old familiar ghost calls out to him. The ghost of past failures and doubt. Before him lays greatness and everything he desires.He takes a deep breath... feels his lungs fill with air. As he exhales the voice behind him grows weaker as if being left behind. He takes one last look back and steady's himself for the battle to come. As he takes another breath It fills him differently. This time he feels a power building in the pit of his stomach. The blood coursing thru his veins. His mana is growing within him. With the breath that fills his lungs he releases his war cry... the war cry of his ancestors. They have all joined him on the battlefield today. He is ready...his body and mind prepared. He can feel the breath of Ha Toa within him. He will face this challenge with everything he is. Until he is victorious or until his last breath. He posses Ha Toa! The Breath of a Warrior!

We capture this moment and gave it a name. To remind you of the Warrior you are and the great things you have and can yet accomplish. Ha Toa Clothing... clothing for those with a Warrior spirit!