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Natives With Aloha


Clothing made for those with a Warrior Spirit.

All throughout Polynesia. Passed from generation to generation, are the stories of the great Warriors and their accomplishments. Stories told of fearlessness, bravery and the courageousness. Stories of Warriors who overcame what seemed like impossible odds and at times sure death. Fighting until the battle was won or until they had no breath left in them(death).

In preparation... these Warriors would awaken their Ha Toa for Battle. With their Ha(breath), Warriors would Pule (pray), Mele Oli (Chant) or Haka (War chant) as a call out to their Toa(strength/inner warrior). Mana (supernatural power) filled their veins and fearlessness filled their Na’au (where emotion comes from. With each breath inhaled, Ha Toa would fill their bodies. They would now possess Ha Toa and were ready for battle or any challenge to come. 

We are the descendants of these Warriors. Their Mana and Koko (blood) flows thru our veins. Though the battles we face today may not be the same, they still carry the same fear and emotions of failure, defeat and at times death. We must remember... Who we are? Who came before us? And who will come after! Let us be like the Warriors before us in the stories told. Exhale and inhale your Ha and awaken the Toa within you. Face each challenge with Ha Toa until victorious or until… The Last Breath!